Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Time!

DISCLAIMER: I tried to make Casa Tavares the name of my blog. Ends up that blog has "questionable" pictures and subject matter. I clicked on it. Indeed it does. I may have to go to confession for that one.

Living in Houston, you really only get two seasons. Spring and Summer. On occasion there is what some might call a winter or possibly a fall, but compared to the rest of the nation it's not really winter at all. I feel like right now we're walking that fine line between Spring and Summer. The weather is still nice, but in the middle of the day I feel the heat quickly approaching. Since the weather is so nice, Edgar decided it was time to finally do something about our backyard. When we bought the house the backyard was a mess. There was a huge crape myrtle (that I adored because it provided so much shade) that prevented grass to grow on the whole right side of the yard. Last year we removed the tree (and our shade) and this year we were left with weeds and not much grass. The yard was also unleveled and anytime it rained we were left with huge puddles and mosquitoes for days. So this weekend we bought 3 square yards of dirt (that's a lot of dirt by the way) and we leveled out the backyard in hopes that grass will grow and we will no longer be left with a mosquito paradise.

Our dirt was delivered by a huge dump truck around 2 and we worked all afternoon to level the backyard and also spread mulch in our front flower beds. Lets just say that I was more than worn out. It has been over two years since I've participated in yard work because either I was pregnant or busy watching Clare while Edgar worked. Clare helped as much as she could using her beach toys and buckets. She absolutely loved playing in the dirt and I'm not the mom afraid to let her kids get dirty. At 9pm she was fast asleep in her bed and she didn't wake up until 9:30am Sunday morning.

Sunday was the last night of Catechism class for the school year. I'm really glad I decided to teach this year, and I can't decide whether I should teach sixth grade again or if I should try to teach older kids next year. Sixth grade is such an interesting grade because at that age kids are still wanting to please, but at the same time they are also testing their boundaries. My kids completely surprised me with their knowledge of Catholicism and their enthusiasm to want to discuss various topics. I remember CCE (Continuing Catholic Education) being extremely boring in middle school. As students we basically stared at our teacher while we stared at the clock to get out of class. I tried to make class interesting, but it was a challenge. This summer I've signed up to take classes towards my Catechism Certification. Maybe it will help me along the way. Sunday night ADORE ministry came to the Church and preformed for the kids. Edgar said he wanted to come so Clare came as well. We were able to stay for about an hour and enjoyed the concert part of the night. Clare was singing and dancing along and I'm proud to say that her first concert was Christian music.