Thursday, October 21, 2010

My little "angel"

It's never a good sign when Clare's MDO teacher greets you with, "Did Clare get a good night sleep last night?" My child is a professional at sleeping, so of course she slept well last night. 10 solid hours. So what was the problem?

First, Clare decided that music class was not interesting enough and decided to chase Charlie (cutest boy ever!) around the room.

Second, Clare squirted her CapriSun at the boy (Charlie again?) sitting across from her at lunch. Instant time-out.

Do you see a pattern here? She's going to be so disappointed when I tell her at 13 that she's joining a Convent. Ms. Lisa did say that time-out really did work for Clare and she didn't have any other problems after that. Of course time-out works! We visit time-out almost once a day for various offenses at home. Clare absolutely hates it.

After I picked her up, we talked about what happened all the way to the car. As I was putting her in her car seat I told her that school was a privilege and that not all children get to go. When I got in the driver's seat and started the car, Clare said, "I'm sorry, mom."

Later I asked her if she was sad that she didn't get a stamp for the day because of her behavior and she said, "Nope. I was happy."

Please never let her grow up to be a teenager. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to handle it!!

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